Forthcoming! From p. 51 of the 2017 Verso Catalog:

(2017) ‘Linking race, the value of land and the value of life’ , City, 20 (6) , pp. 1-17

SalvageVol2Cover(2015) ‘Salvaging Situationism: Race and Space’ Salvage #2: Awaiting the Furies.
On colonialism, culpability and comrades. A dérive in honour of a dérive interrupted.

WEB-St-Katharines-Report_lowres-1(2015) ‘A Tradition of Hospitality and Service: Developing the Role of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine in London’s East End,’ London: The Royal Foundation of St Katharine.

(2014) PhD Thesis: Segregation in search of ideology? Hegemony and Contestation in the Spatial and Racial Configuration of Los Angeles.

ccit20.v017.i05.cover(2013) ‘One hundred and forty characters will not be changing the world’ City 17(5): 657-660

(2013) ‘Liberatory Struggles for Housing’ book review, City 17(5) 699-702

ccit20.v016.i04.cover(2012) with Nick Wolff. Special feature editor on the Olympics: ‘Unlinking the Rings: Cities and the Olympic Games’ City, 16(4) through 16(6)

(2012) with Nick Wolff. ‘Games Monitor: Undermining the Hype of the London Olympics’. City 16(4): 468-473

ccit20.v014.i06.cover(2010) ‘Bridging theory and practice’, and with Celine Kuklowsky, editor of special feature on Ed Soja: ‘Introduction to Seeking Spatial Justice’. City (14)6

CC2COVER(2010) ‘A Right to the City, a Right to a Home: The Struggle Over Land and Housing in LA’ Critical Cities, Vol 2. London: Myrdle Court Press.

(2009) ‘Driven From Below: A Look at Tenant Organizing and the New Gentrification’. Perspectives Journal.

(2002) with Gilda Hass. ‘Redefining Redevelopment: Participatory Research for Equity in the Los Angeles Figueroa Corridor’. Los Angeles: SAJE.



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