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Academic Articles:

(2018) ‘The Five Refusals of White Supremacy’ in ‘The Cumulative Damages of Racism’ issue for The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 77(3-4), pp. 729-755.

(2017) ‘Linking race, the value of land and the value of life’ , City, 20 (6) , pp. 863-879.

(2012) with Nick Wolff. ‘Games Monitor: Undermining the Hype of the London Olympics’. City 16(4): 468-473

Book Chapters:

(2019) ‘The Real Housing Crisis and How We Overcome It’ in Perriman, Bekki (ed) Doorways: Women, Homelessness, Trauma and Resistance. London: House Sparrow Press.

(2019) ‘Counterhegemony‘ in Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50 accessible in full at

(2019) ‘Emergent Imaginaries‘ in Routledge Companion to Urban Imaginaries edited by Miriam Meissner and Cristoph Lindner.

(2017) A Place to Call Home: on Home, Housing and Grenfell, in The Right to the City: A Verso Report,

(2010) A Right to the City, a Right to a Home: The Struggle Over Land and Housing in LA, in Naik, D. and Oldfield, T. (eds) Critical Cities, Vol 2. London: Myrdle Court Press.


Ahmed, A., M. Wilding, A. Gibbons, K. Jones, M. Rogers, I. Madoc Jones (2018) Post-implementation evaluation of Part 2 of the Housing Act (Wales) 2014: Final Report. Cardiff: Welsh Government, GSR report number 46/2018.

Scullion, L., Gibbons, A., Martin, P. (2018) Precarious Lives: Experiencing Lived Experiences of the Private Rented Sector in Salford. Salford: Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU).

Gibbons, A., Hardman, M., Howarth, M., James, C., Sherriff, G. (2017) Care Farming and Green Care in Salford. Salford: Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU).

Ahmed, A., M. Wilding, A. Gibbons, K. Jones, M. Rogers, I. Madoc Jones (2017) Post – implementation evaluation of the homelessness legislation (Part 2 of the Housing Act (Wales) 2014) Interim Report. Cardiff: Welsh Government, GSR report number 46/2017. Available at:

WEB-St-Katharines-Report_lowres-1(2015) ‘A Tradition of Hospitality and Service: Developing the Role of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine in London’s East End,’ London: The Royal Foundation of St Katharine.

Gibbons, A., Haas, G. (2002) Redefining Redevelopment: Participatory Research for Redevelopment in the Figueroa Corridor  Los Angeles: SAJE.

Other writings:

(2019) ‘Seeing Red’ in the issue on Periphery, Architectural Journal May 2019.

(2017) A Place to Call Home: on Home, Housing and Grenfell (expanded from online version found in Verso’s Right to the City report). Salvage #5: Contractions.

(2017) Editorial: From Margins to Centres. City 21 (2) 95-103

SalvageVol2Cover(2015) ‘Salvaging Situationism: Race and Space’ Salvage #2: Awaiting the Furies.
On colonialism, culpability and comrades. A dérive in honour of a dérive interrupted.

(2014) PhD Thesis: Segregation in search of ideology? Hegemony and Contestation in the Spatial and Racial Configuration of Los Angeles.

(2013) ‘One hundred and forty characters will not be changing the world’ City 17(5): 657-660

(2010) ‘Bridging theory and practice’.  City (14) 6

(2009) ‘Driven From Below: A Look at Tenant Organizing and the New Gentrification’. Perspectives Journal.


(2019) Whose Right to the City? Real Estate, Planning and Struggle (a review of Capital City by Sam Stein, Verso 2019), New Labor Forum.

(2017) on Betsy Kalin’s film East LA Interchange. Antipode.

(2017) Give Them Dignity: A Review of I, Daniel Blake. Urbanisation
2(2) 1–4

(2017) It matters who is walking: Exploring quotidian mobilities in cities. City 21 (2) 245-248

(2013) ‘Liberatory Struggles for Housing’ book review, City 17(5) 699-702






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